Mini-Symposium 23:

Remote Sensing for Disaster Study and Risk Assessment


The event is aimed at specialized and synergetic developments of remote sensing application to risk and vulnerability analysis in both theory and practice.

Remote sensing technologies demonstrate a great potential in study of hazards, risks analysis and mitigation strategies development. Area of application includes natural and man-made hazards, economical, social and ecological risks, security risks, critical incidents, environmental risks, structural vulnerability and reliability, infrastructure security, and many more.

Main scopes of Mini-Symposium include: approaches to measuring and assessment: risk quantification and assigning risk values to the random distributions of satellite derived spatially distributed data; techniques of risk modeling: estimating probability models and designing simulation experiments based on a statistical analysis of remote sensing data; and ways to managing and decision making: optimal decision making in the presence of risks using remote sensing data.

The Mini-Symposium topics include:

  1. Risk assessment tools based on remote sensing data;
  2. Space and aerospace monitoring of natural and human-made disasters;
  3. Data processing methods and algorithms;
  4. Multi-temporal images analysis;
  5. Satellite derived multi-spectral data uncertainty analysis and data quality assessment.

Contributions addressing to the practical applications in the following topics are invited:

  1. Integration of remote sensing and spatially distributed data into ecological and socio-ecological security assessment systems;
  2. Infrastructure vulnerability;
  3. Ecosystem sustainability, landscape productivity, droughts & fires;
  4. Ecological vulnerability, pollution (air, water and soil) detection, biosecurity;
  5. Global change and regional threats study using satellite observations (global assessment vs. local models).

This mini-symposium aims at bringing together researchers, academic scientists and practicing engineers concerned with the various forms of remote sensing data utilization focusing on applications related to risk analysis, disaster study and socio-ecological security.


Yuriy V. Kostyuchenko
Scientific Centre for Aerospace Research of the Earth, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine.
Stanislaw Lewinski
Earth Observation Group, Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
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