Mini-Symposium 9:

Geotechnical Risk, Uncertainty & Decision Making


Geotechnical systems are built in soils and rocks with uncertain spatial variation and uncertain properties. Site investigation is helpful in reducing these uncertainties but cannot fully eliminate them. The consequence is that geotechnical systems are always subjected to inevitable risks. Decision making (design) under such risks is fairly challenging.

This mini-symposium invites papers that address following issues:

  1. Uncertainties in soil/rock design parameters, and the impact of site investigation on such uncertainties;
  2. Spatial variabilities of soils and rocks, and their impacts to risk and reliability;
  3. Risk and reliability of slopes, embankments, and levees;
  4. Risk and reliability of foundations and retaining structures;
  5. Geotechnical reliability-based design and design code developments.


Jianye Ching
National Taiwan University, Taiwan.
Yu Wang
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
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