Conference Programme

Liverpool - Royal Liver Building


The ASCE ICVRAM-ISUMA 2014 conference commences on Sunday 13th of July 2014, at 17:00 with a welcome reception at the Central Teaching Hub (University Campus), followed by three full days of conference proceedings and closing on Wednesday 16th of July at 18:00.

The map of the university campus is available here: University campus map

Registration (Central Teaching Hub, Building 221)
Planary events (Central Teaching Hub, Lecture Theatres A)
Refreshements and Lunch (Central Teaching Hub)
Icebraker (Central Teaching Hub)
City/Pub tour (University Square, University of Liverpool)
Banquet (St George's Hall, Liverpool city centre)

ICVRAM2014 Conference timeline:

30th November 2013:
ASCE Full paper submission
15th February 2014:
Deposit and/or early bird registration deadline
1st of May 2014:
Full paper submission (not included in the ASCE proceedings)
1st June 2014:
Scientific programme
13th-16th July 2014:
Register for ASCE-ICVRAM-ISUMA 2014
Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Registration Registration Registration
08:30 Opening Ceremony
09:00 Keynote Speaker: Bilal Ayyub Keynote Speaker: Bruce R. Ellingwood Keynote Speaker: Keith Beven
09:30 Keynote Speaker: Pol D. Spanos Keynote Speaker: Enrico Zio Refreshments
09:45 9.1-A 9.1-B 9.1-C 9.1-D
10:00 Refreshments Refreshments 9.2-A 9.2-B 9.2-C 9.2-D
10:15 9.3-A 9.3-B 9.3-C 9.3-D
10:30 1.1-A 1.1-B 1.1-C 1.1-D 5.1-A 5.1-B 5.1-C 5.1-D 9.4-A 9.4-B 9.4-C 9.4-D
10:45 1.2-A 1.2-B 1.2-C 1.2-D 5.2-A 5.2-B 5.2-C 5.2-D Refreshments
11:00 1.3-A 1.3-B 1.3-C 1.3-D 5.3-A 5.3-B 5.3-C 5.3-D 10.1-A 10.1-B 10.1-C 10.1-D
11:15 1.4-A 1.4-B 1.4-C 1.4-D 5.4-A 5.4-B 5.4-C 5.4-D 10.2-A 10.2-B 10.2-C 10.2-D
11:30 1.5-A 1.5-B 1.5-C 1.5-D 5.5-A 5.5-B 5.5-C 5.5-D 10.3-A 10.3-B 10.3-C 10.3-D
11:45 1.6-A 1.6-B 1.6-C 1.6-D 5.6-A 5.6-B 5.6-C 5.6-D 10.4-A 10.4-B 10.4-C 10.4-D
12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:00 2.1-A 2.1-B 2.1-C 2.1-D 6.1-A 6.1-B 6.1-C 6.1-D 11.1-A 11.1-B 11.1-C 11.1-D
13:15 2.2-A 2.2-B 2.2-C 2.2-D 6.2-A 6.2-B 6.2-C 6.2-D 11.2-A 11.2-B 11.2-C 11.2-D
13:30 2.3-A 2.3-B 2.3-C 2.3-D 6.3-A 6.3-B 6.3-C 6.3-D 11.3-A 11.3-B 11.3-C 11.3-D
13:45 2.4-A 2.4-B 2.4-C 2.4-D 6.4-A 6.4-B 6.4-C 6.4-D 11.4-A 11.4-B 11.4-C 11.4-D
14:00 2.5-A 2.5-B 2.5-C 2.5-D 6.5-A 6.5-B 6.5-C 6.5-D 11.5-A 11.5-B 11.5-C 11.5-D
14:15 2.6-A 2.6-B 2.6-C 2.6-D 6.6-A 6.6-B 6.6-C 6.6-D 11.6-A 11.6-B 11.6-C 11.6-D
14:30 Refreshments Refreshments Refreshments
14:45 3.1-A 3.1-B 3.1-C 3.1-D 7.1-A 7.1-B 7.1-C 7.1-D 12.1-A 12.1-B 12.1-C 12.1-D
15:00 Registration 3.2-A 3.2-B 3.2-C 3.2-D 7.2-A 7.2-B 7.2-C 7.2-D 12.2-A 12.2-B 12.2-C 12.2-D
15:15 3.3-A 3.3-B 3.3-C 3.3-D 7.3-A 7.3-B 7.3-C 7.3-D 12.3-A 12.3-B 12.3-C 12.3-D
15:30 3.4-A 3.4-B 3.4-C 3.4-D 7.4-A 7.4-B 7.4-C 7.4-D 12.4-A 12.4-B 12.4-C 12.4-D
15:45 3.5-A 3.5-B 3.5-C 3.5-D 7.5-A 7.5-B 7.5-C 7.5-D 12.5-A 12.5-B 12.5-C 12.5-D
16:00 3.6-A 3.6-B 3.6-C 3.6-D 7.6-A 7.6-B 7.6-C 7.6-D 12.6-A 12.6-B 12.6-C 12.6-D
16:15 Refreshments Refreshments Refreshments
16:30 4.1-A 4.1-B 4.1-C 4.1-D 8.1-A 8.1-B 8.1-C 8.1-D 13.1-A 13.1-B 13.1-C 13.1-D
16:45 4.2-A 4.2-B 4.2-C 4.2-D 8.2-A 8.2-B 8.2-C 8.2-D 13.2-A 13.2-B 13.2-C 13.2-D
17:00 Icebreaker 4.3-A 4.3-B 4.3-C 4.3-D 8.3-A 8.3-B 8.3-C 8.3-D 13.3-A 13.3-B 13.3-C 13.3-D
17:15 4.4-A 4.4-B 4.4-C 4.4-D 8.4-A 8.4-B 8.4-C 8.4-D 13.4-A 13.4-B 13.4-C 13.4-D
17:30 4.5-A 4.5-B 4.5-C 4.5-D 8.5-A 8.5-B 8.5-C 8.5-D 13.5-A 13.5-B 13.5-C 13.5-D
17:45 4.6-A 4.6-B 4.6-C 4.6-D 8.6-A 8.6-B 8.6-C 8.6-D Closing Ceremony

19:00 Sightseeing Conference Banquet
20:00- FIFA world cup final

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Thematic Sessions and Mini-symposia schedule

Pleae note that some minor changes to the programme are still possible.

Mini-Symposia and Thematic Sessions
Session Slot Track A Track B Track C Track D Slot Session
1 1 MS6: Monte Carlo Methods and Engineering Applications MS16: Risk Assessment and Management of Infrastructure Projects MS3: Simulation-Based Structural Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Quantification in Earthquake Engineering MS23: Remote Sensing for Disaster Study and Risk Assessment 1 1
2 2
3 MS22: East-West Contributions on Risk Management for Floods, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, and other Natural Hazards 3
4 4
5 5
6 MS8: Risk and Uncertainty Modelling for Transportation and Logistics 6
2 1 1 2
2 2
3 3
3 1 ST6: Complex networks and infrastructure systems MS2: Critical Infrastructures and Network Systems: Statistical Properties and Modelling for Reliability, Risk, Vulnerability and Resilience Analyses MS28: Probabilistic Risk Assessment for Weather-Related Phenomena 1 3
2 MS17: Structural Dynamics with Uncertainty 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
4 1 MS29: Uncertainty quantification and propagation in engineering systems MS29 1 4
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 1 MS9: Geotechnical Risk, Uncertainty & Decision Making MS26: Actuarial and Financial Risk Theory with Applications 1 5
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
6 1 ST10: Probabilistic modelling and analysis 1 6
2 MS27: Uncertainty in Design and Service Life of Civil Engineering Structures 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 1 1 7
2 2
3 3
4 MS14: Verified and Stochastic Approaches to Modelling and Simulation under Uncertainty in Engineering Applications ST3: Risk analysis and risk management MS24: Control Theory of Uncertain Systems and its Application 4
5 5
6 6
8 1 1 8
2 2
3 3
4 MS19: Polymorphic Space- and Time-Dependent Uncertainty Modelling in Engineering 4
5 5
6 6
9 1 MS1: Robust, Performance-Based and Reliability-Based Structural Optimization Under Uncertainty ST5: Natural, environmental and human-induced hazards and vulnerabilities MS4: Stochastic and Nonlinear Dynamics in Complex Systems MS7: Non-Probabilistic Modelling and Analysis of Uncertainty 1 9
2 2
3 3
4 4
10 1 1 10
2 2
3 MS25: Hazards Risk Assessment and Management 3
4 4
11 1 1 11
2 MS10: Dealing with Epistemic Uncertainties in Estimating Vulnerability and Risk 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
12 1 MS5: Water Resources and Infrastructure: Risks and Responses MS21: Imprecise Probability in Reliability 1 12
2 2
3 MS20: Generalized Engineering Reliability - A Physical Approach 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
13 1
ST7: Risk-Informed Decision Making
1 13




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Scientific Programme: Monday

Time Track A Track B Track C Track D
08:30 Opening Ceremony

09:00 Keynote Speaker: Bilal Ayyub
09:30 Keynote Speaker: Pol D. Spanos
10:00 Refreshments
10:30 90 106 92 354

Asymptotically Independent Markov Sampling: A New MCMC Scheme for Bayesian Inference Innovative Ways to Implement Risk Management in Infrastructure Projects Harmonic Wavelets based Response Power Spectrum Determination of MDOF Nonlinear Seismic Vulnerability Assessment at Urban Scale Based on Different Building Stock Data Sources

Konstantin M. Zuev and James L. Beck Martin Th. van Staveren I. A. Kougioumtzoglou, Fan Kong, P. D. Spanos and J. Li Structural Systems P. Ricci, C. Del Gaudio, G. M. Verderame, G. Manfredi, M. Pollino and F. Borfecchia
10:45 552 441 204 885

Simulation of Multivariate Nonstationary Ground Motions Based on New Formulation of Cholesky Decomposition A Group of Deterioration Curves of Bridges Estimated by Extended EM Algorithm Probabilistic Seismic Safety Assessment of Chinese RC Frame Structures Using Fragility Curves FP7 "Space" project Aphorism "Advanced PRocedures for volcanic and Seismic Monitoring"

Yanwen Su, Guoqing Huang and Liuliu Peng I. Yoshida, Y. Otake and Y. Honjo Xiaohui Yu and Dagang Lu A. Di Iorio, S. Stramondo, C. Bignami, S. Corradini, L. Merucci
11:00 380 752 277 23

Adaptive Response Surface Method Based Efficient Monte Carlo Simulation The Evaluation of Risk-Factors of Population Safety in Transport Corridor of Georgian Military Road Effectiveness Evaluation of Seismic Protection Devices for Bridges in the PBEE Framework Resilience Metrics for Multi-Hazard Environments

Somdatta Goswami and Subrata Chakraborty G. V. Gavardashvili and I. R. Iremashvili Paolo Emidio Sebastiani, Jamie E. Padgett, Francesco Petrini and Franco Bontempi Bilal M. Ayyub
11:15 445 98 307 49 – CANCELLED

Weighted Simulation for Failure Probability Function Estimation Planning and Management of Port Infrastructure Projects under Uncertainty Advances in Simulation-Based Quantification/Assessment of Seismic Risk Supported by Stochastic Ground Motion Modeling Limitations and Uncertainties in the Long Term Deflection Calculation of Concrete Structures

Xiukai Yuan and Lin Zeng P. Taneja, T. Vellinga and S. R. Sol A. A. Taflanidis and C. R. Vetter Behnam Vakhshouri and Shami Nejadi
11:30 459 649 319 148

Estimation of Failure Probability by Limit State Sampling The State of Art of Risk Management Standards on Tunnels and Underground Works in China Sensitivity Analysis of Different Capacity Spectrum Approaches to Assumptions in the Modeling, Capacity and Demand Representations A Resilience Engineering Framework: Adapting to Extreme Events

Ivan Depina, Gudmund Eiksund, Thi Minh Hue Le and Gordon Fenton Qunfang Hu and Hongwei Huang Tiziana Rossetto, Pierre Gehl, Stylianos Minas, Arash Nassirpour, Joshua Macabuag, Philippe Duffour and John Douglas Yumei Wang and Qisong “Kent” Yu
11:45 872 52 320 332

Structural Model Updating of a Steel Truss Structure Utilizing Ambient Vibration Measurement A Review of Crash Surrogate Events Investigating the Use of Record-to-Record Variability in Static Capacity Approaches Liquefaction Hazard Zonation base+B172d on a Probabilistic Model of Lateral Spread Exceeding a Pre-defined Threshold

H. F. Lam, H. Y. Peng and S. K. Au Yan Kuang and Xiaobo Qu Pierre Gehl, John Douglas, Tiziana Rossetto, Joshua Macabuag, Arash Nassirpour, Stylianos Minas and Philippe Duffour Fang Liu, Zhen Li, Peizhen Li and Mingjing Jiang
12:00 Lunch
13:00 187 258 350 389

Practical Reliability-based Design of Deep Foundations Using Subset Simulation Probabilistic Capacity Modeling for Single-Lane Roundabout Rational Framework for Probability of Collapse in Buildings Investigation on the Construction of Flood Insurance Model in China

Z. Cao and Y. Wang Liang Ren, Xiaobo Qu and Erwin Oh Tareq Hatahet and Castin Koenke Quanhe Ju, Shuguang Liu, Yi Cai and Guihui Zhong
13:15 620 262 603 416

An Improvement of a Metamodel-Based Importance Sampling Algorithm for Estimating Small Failure Probabilities Park-and-Ride Network Design in a Bi-modal Transport Network to Prompt Public Transport Mode Share Local Wavelet-Based Spectral “Epsilon” Modification of Ground Motions in Support of Incremental Dynamic Analysis Lifeline System Interdependencies – Key for Resilience in Practice

F. Cadini, A. Gioletta and E. Zio Xinyuan Chen, Zhiyuan Liu, Shahi Islam and Wei Deng A. Giaralis and D. Vamvatsikos Alex K. Tang, Jian Li and Leonardo Duenas-Osorio
13:30 625 346 637 621

Computation of the Sobol’ Indices Using Importance Sampling Tools for an Extended Risk Assessment for Ropax Ship-Ship Collision Including Multiple IMTs in the Development of Fragility Functions for Earthquake Loss Estimation Flood Control and Disaster Mitigation in Shanghai

Pierre Beaurepaire, Matteo Broggi and Edoardo Patelli Floris Goerlandt, Jakub Montewka and Pentti Kujala L. Sousa, V. Silva, M. Marques, H. Crowley and R. Pinho Shuguang Liu, Guihui Zhong, Zhengzheng Zhou and Yi Cai
13:45 826 439 640

Application of MCMC in Failure Sampling Strategies for Teaching Travel Time Uncertainty Modeling Investigation of the Characteristics of the Portuguese Moment-frame RC Building Stock

K. D. Patki and C. D. Eamon Xiaobo Qu and Shuaian Wang Vitor Silva, Helen Crowley, Humberto Varum, Rui Pinho and Mário Marques
14:00 469 466 678

Subset Simulation for Reliability Assessment of Multiple Stochastic Responses The Equity Issue for Cordon-Based Congestion Pricing with Distance Toll Influence of Record Selection Procedures on Seismic Loss Estimations

H. S. Li, Y. Z. Ma and Z. Cao Xin Sun, Zhiyuan Liu and Shuyan Chen Mário Marques, Luís Macedo, Miguel Araújo, Luís Martins, José Miguel
Castro, Luís Sousa, Vítor Silva and Raimundo Delgado

14:15 581 490 732

MCMC-based Updating of an Epidemiological Temporal Aftershock Forecasting Model Risk Assessment of Liner Shipping from a Business Environment Perspective Reliability-Based Design of Fluid Viscous Damper for Seismic Protection of Building Frames

F. Jalayer and H. Ebrahimian N. H. M. Salleh, R. Riahi, Z. Yang and J. Wang E. Tubaldi, A. Dall Asta, M. Broggi, E. Patelli and M. De Angelis
14:30 Refreshments
14:45 36 104 871 257

Developing Resilience to Natural Hazards - A Challenge for Community as a System - Impact of Functional Models in a Decision Context of Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability Reduction Influence of the Axial Load Ratio on the Fragility Functions for RC Walls Development of Real-Time Tools for Hurricane Risk Assessment

Vilas Mujumdar Jonas Johansson and Henrik Hassel S. Marzban and A. Azarbakht Alexandros A. Taflanidis, Gaofeng Jia, Norberto C. Nadal-Caraballo, Andrew B. Kennedy, Jeffrey A. Melby and Jane M. Smith
15:00 423 341 35 306

Habitat Flexibility And Synergy Mitigate Multiple Risks And Uncertainties Spatial Risk Analysis of Interdependent Infrastructures Subjected to Extreme Hazards Uncertainty Quantification of the Squeal Instability in Real Brake Systems A Plan for Characterizing Uncertainties in Extreme Environmental Loads with Climate Change Considerations: Wind Speed and Wave Height as Case Studies

L. Gene Zellmer R. Pant, J. W. Hall, S. Barr and D. Alderson A. Nobari, H. Ouyang and P. Bannister Franklin T. Lombardo and Bilal Ayyub
15:15 498 128 110 317

Vulnerability and Resilience of Networked Infrastructures Bayesian Network Approach for Risk Assessment of a Spent Nuclear Fuel Pond Double Random Vibration Analysis for Coupled Vehicle-Track Systems with Parameter Uncertainties A Methodology for Evaluation and Mapping of Flood Risk. Case Study of Oued Mekerra in the West of Algeria

J. Agarwal, M. Liu and G. Galvan Silvia Tolo, Edoardo Patelli and Michael Beer Y. Zhao, P. Xiang and J. H. Lin A. Yahiaoui, B. Touaibia and E. Ferrari
15:30 536 184 161 322

A National Model for Strategic Planning of Infrastructure Systems Systemic Vulnerability and Resilience Analysis of Electric and Transport Network Failure in Cases of Extreme Winter Storms A Statistical Approach to Dynamic Response of Pile Groups in Foundations for Vibratory Machinery An Hourly and Multi-Hourly Extreme Precipitation Climatology for the UK and Long-Term Changes in Extremes

J. W. Hall, A. Otto, M. Tran, S. Barr and D. Alderson Riitta Molarius, Pekka Tuomaala, Kalevi Piira, Minna Räikkönen, Christoph Aubrecht, Maria Polese, Giulio Zuccaro, Karoliina Pilli-Sihvola and Kalev Rannat Konstantin Ashkinadze and Li Fang S. Blenkinsop and H. J. Fowler
15:45 750 349 179 330

Using Network Theory to Explore the Vulnerability of Subway System Bayesian Kernel Methods for Critical Infrastructure Resilience Modeling Stochastic Model Updating of the DLR AIRMOD Structure When to Issue a Flood Warning: Towards a Risk Based Approach Based on Real Time Probabilistic Forecasts

Yongliang Deng, Qiming Li, Ying Lu, Liangliang Song and Yusi Cheng H. Baroud and Kash Barker Y. Govers, H. Haddad Khodaparast, M. Link and J. E. Mottershead Paul J. Smith and Keith J. Beven
16:00 102 314 213 335

Uncertainty and Risk Inclusions in Water Distribution Systems Management: Review and Challenges Vulnerability of Transmission Grids with Variable Generation and Consumption: a Complex Network Systems Perspective Forced Vibration and Energy Flow Analysis of Plate Assemblies in Symplectic Space Probabilistic Prediction of Landslides Induced by Rainfall

Avi Ostfeld G. Sansavini and E. Zio Y. B. Ma and Y. H. Zhang M. Rossi, A. C. Mondini, S. Luciani, D. Kirschbaum, D. Valigi and F. Guzzetti
16:15 Refreshments
16:30 530 284 289 413

Global Sensitivity Analysis for Multidisciplinary Studies of Vane Clusters Characterizing the Vulnerability of Future Configurations of Great Britain’s Electricity Network Infrastructure to Climate-related Hazards Dynamic Load Estimation of Launch Vehicles Accounting for Uncertainties of Modeling A Statistical Model for Flood Depth Estimation in Southeast Europe

I. Arsenyev, F. Duddeck and A. Fischersworring-Bunk Scott Thacker, Raghav Pant and Jim W. Hall Y. M. Mao and H. Ouyang and J. F. Lin Carmine Galasso and Sharika U. S. Senarath
16:45 345 281 510 511

A Bayesian Multilevel Approach to Optimally Estimate Material Properties The Value of New Cross-Radial Links for Public Transport Network Robustness Vibration Measurement of Occupational Exposed Workers, Experimental Quantification of the Individual Response Parameters for the Estimation of Uncertainty in the Vertical Direction The Assessment of Mudflow Peak Discharge Through a Monte Carlo Simulation Method

Joseph B. Nagel and Bruno Sudret Erik Jenelius and Oded Cats Andreas Kyprianou and Athanasios Vazouras F. De Paola, R. De Risi, G. Di Crescenzo, M. Giugni, F. Jalayer, A. Santo and G. Speranza
17:00 405 753 639 531

Model Updating by Uncertain Parameter Inference Analysis of Road Vulnerability for Population Evacuation Using Complex Network Development of a Fragility Model for Moment-frame RC buildings in Portugal A Semi-Probabilistic Gis-Based Method for Meso-Scale Flood Hazard Zonation

H. M. Gomes, M. Broggi, E. Patelli and J. E. Mottershead Nan Zhang, Hong Huang, Boni Su and Jinlong Zhao Vitor Silva, Helen Crowley, Humberto Varum, Rui Pinho and Luis Sousa R. De Risi, F. Jalayer, F. De Paola and G. Manfredi
17:15 488 228 551 832

Observability and Identifiability Methods for Structural Dynamic Systems Simulating Attack Plans Against ICT Infrastructures Application of Wavelet and Spectral Representation Method in Nonstationary Process Simulation Statistical Modeling of Synthetic Climates for Applications on Construction Materials

M. N. Chatzis, E. N. Chatzi and A. W. Smyth Fabrizio Baiardi, Fabio Corò, Federico Tonelli, Luca Guidi and Daniele Sgandurra Guoqing Huang, Liuliu Peng and Yanwen Su D. Breysse, E. Rodney, A. Marache, M. Chaplain
17:30 491 404

Sensitivity Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification for a Coupled Secondary Air System Thermo-Mechanical Model of a Jet Engine Low Pressure Turbine Rotor Evaluating the Resilience of Critical Infrastructures Assessing Interdependencies and Economic Impact: The Role of Inventories
Probabilistic Characterization of Flood Hazard Using Bivariate Analysis Based on Copulas

Giulia Antinori, Fabian Duddeck and Andreas Fischersworring-Bunk Luca Galbusera, Ivano Azzini, Olaf Jonkeren, Stavros Ntalampiras and Georgios Giannopoulos
A. Candela and G. T. Aronica
17:45 343 430

Uncertainty Quantification for State Estimation in Nonlinear Structural Systems Too Big to Fail? The Spatial Vulnerability of the Chinese Infrastructure System to Flooding Risks
Development of a Framework to Model Flood Loss Uncertainty

K. Erazo and E. M. Hernandez Xi Hu, Jim Hall and Scott Thacker
N. Peiris, D. A. Gatey and M. Hill

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Scientific Programme: Tuesday


Track A Track B Track C Track D
09:00 Keynote Speaker: Bruce R. Ellingwood
09:30 Keynote Speaker: Enrico Zio
10:00 Refreshments
10:30 838 501 153 879

Bayesian Hierarchical Models for Uncertainty Quantification in Structural
Analysis of the Robustness of Critical Infrastructures within a Multistate Systems-of-Systems Framework in the Presence of Epistemic Uncertainties Model Uncertainty of Unsaturated Hydraulic Properties and Effects on Slope Reliability Sentiment, beta herding, and cross-sectional asset returns – Part I

G. C. Ballesteros, P. Angelikopoulos, C. Papadimitriou and P. Koumoutsakos E. Ferrario, N. Pedroni and E. Zio Lulu Zhang, Jian Zeng and Yan Cheng Soosung Hwang, Mark Salmon
10:45 580 505 173 879

A Stochastic Simulation Algorithm for Updating Robust Reliability of Nonlinear Structural Dynamic Systems Based on Incomplete Modal Data Comparing Topological and Physical Approaches to Network Modelling for the Optimization of Failure Resilient Electrical Infrastructures Spatial Landslide Susceptibility Modeling of Deokjeok-ri Creek Using Index of Entropy Method and Its Validation in Karisan-ri Creek Sentiment, beta herding, and cross-sectional asset returns – Part II

Sai Hung Cheung and Sahil Bansal Yi-Ping. Fang, Nicola Pedroni and Enrico Zio Ananta Man Singh Pradhan and Yun-Tae Kim Soosung Hwang, Mark Salmon
11:00 648 513 188 419

Probabilistic Sensitivity Analysis of Corrugated Skins with Random Elastic Parameters and Surface Topology Risk Assessment of the Disruption of Resource Movements from Flooding Reliability-based Design of Earth-fill Dams to Mitigate Damage Due to Severe Earthquakes Asset Allocation with Disappointment Aversion

F. A. Diaz Delao, A. Kundu, M. I. Friswell and S. Adhikari Shaun A. Brown and Richard Dawson S. Nishimura, T. Shuku and T. Shibata Yuxin Xie and Athanasios A Pantelous
11:15 664 538 189 420

Effect of Parameter Uncertainty on Water Distribution Systems Modeling Real Time Asset Monitoring and Risk Management of Critical Infrastructures Quantile Value Method for Geotechnical Reliability Code Calibration Structural Breaks in Mortality Models and their Consequences

Muhammad A. Al-Zahrani V. Tsoulkas, D. Kostopoulos and G. Leventakis Jiany Ching and Kok-Kwang Phoon C. O’Hare and Y. Li
11:30 801 540 191 884

Value of Information Analysis in Structural Safety The Effectiveness of Existing Methodologies for Predicting Electrical Substation Damage Due to Earthquakes in New Zealand Determination of Undrained Shear Strength Characteristic Values Covariance matrix estimators and portfolio optimization – Part I

Katerina Konakli and Michael H. Faber Indranil Kongar, Tiziana Rossetto and Sonia Giovinazzi Z. Cao and Y. Wang E. Pantaleo, M. Tumminello, F. Lillo, R.N. Mantegna
11:45 567 578 231 884

Risk Analysis of Composite Structures by Subset Estimation Using the Hysteretic Multiscale Finite Element Method Mitigation Strategies for Lifeline Systems based on the Interdependent Network Design Problem Prediction of Young’s Modulus of Intact Rock Using Bayesian Approach Covariance matrix estimators and portfolio optimization – Part II

S. P. Triantafyllou and E. N. Chatzi Andres D. Gonzalez, Mauricio Sanchez-Silva, Leonardo Duenas-Osorio and Andres L. Medaglia X. D. Feng and Rafael Jimenez E. Pantaleo, M. Tumminello, F. Lillo, R.N. Mantegna
12:00 Lunch
13:00 608 124 232 450

Probabilistic Modelling of Fatigue Life of Composite Laminates Using Bayesian Inference Decision Support Tools: Review of Risk Models in Drinking Water Network Asset Management Reliability Analysis of Circular Tunnel Face Stability Obeying Hoek-Brown Failure Criterion A Wiener Path Integral Technique for the Asset Price Process: Geometric Brownian Motion and Vasicek

Nikolay Dimitrov and Armen Der Kiureghian A. Large, Y. Le Gat, S. M. Elachachi, E. Renaud and D. Breysse Peng Zeng, Salvador Senent and Rafael Jimenez John C. Mccarthy, Ioannis A. Kougioumtzoglou and Athanasios A. Pantelous
13:15 333 100 259 464

UQLAB: A Framework for Uncertainty Quantification in MATLAB Risk of GRP Panel Failure During Installation in Sewers When Using Relining Technology Spatial Distribution Simulation of SPT-N Values Optimal Strategies for Long-Term Sustainability in Paygo Pension Systems Using Control Theory in a Dynamic Nonlinear Framework

Stefano Marelli and Bruno Sudret Z. Fyall and A. Wysocka Wen-Chao Huang and Shih-Hung Yang Humberto Godinez-Olivares, Maria del Carmen Boado-Penas and Athanasios A. Pantelous
13:30 390 211 274 883

OpenCossan: An Efficient Open Tool for Dealing with Epistemic and Aleatory
Modeling Uncertainty in the Context of Finite Element Analyses of Deteriorated Structures Reliability Analysis of Long River Dike Against Liquefaction Failure Cartography of Financial Markets – Part I

Edoardo Patelli, Matteo Broggi, Marco de Angelis and Michael Beer D. L. Allaix, V. I. Carbone and G. Mancini Y. Otake, Y. Honjo, Y. Hiramatsu, M. Mase and I. Yoshida Kimmo Soramäki
13:45 226 286 295 883

Optimal Maintenance Time Under Imperfect Preventive Maintenance Safety Estimation of the Plate-Girder Structures with Uncertain Parameters from the Shakedown Theory Point of View How Eurocode 7 Addresses Uncertainty, Risk and Decision Making in Geotechnical Design Cartography of Financial Markets – Part II

M. A. Coque Jr and G. F. M. Souza R. Sieniawska, W. Zielichowski-Haber and St. Zukowki Trevor L. L. Orr Kimmo Soramäki
14:00 689 386 392 503

Diagnosis for Axial Force of High-Strength Bolts Using Pattern Recognition Accuracy of Frequency Domain Fatigue Damage Estimation Methods for Offshore Wind Turbine Support Structures Reliability Analysis of Unsaturated Slope with Spatially Correlated Soil Properties Forecasting Financial Volatility with Interval-Valued Time Series Data

Michiyuki Hirokane, Hirokazu Nakata, Ryoma Yataka, Hideyuki Konishi and Naoto Suzuki Laszlo Arany, Subhamoy Bhattacharya, John Macdonald and S. J. Hogan S. H. Jiang and D. Q. Li Wei Yang, Ai Han and Shouyang Wang
14:15 705 605 587 516

Sinc and Sigmoid Higher Order Neural Network for Data Modeling and Simulation Dynamic Reliability-based Seismic Design Method of Nonlinear Multi-grid Composite Wall Influence of Spatially Varying Soil on Basal Heave Analysis of Braced Excavation Robust LMI Stability of a Premium Pricing Model into a Discrete-Time Stochastic Framework

Ming Zhang Pei Liu Yu-Geng Tang and Gordon Tung-Chin Kung Athanasios A. Pantelous and Lin Yang
14:30 Refreshments
14:45 265 643 658 548

The Improved FORM for Stochastic Dynamic Analysis Stochastic Analysis to Assess Uncertainty in Pushover Analysis to Modeling Methods Observational Design Method for Earth Structures using Particle Filter A Hedging Approach to Insurance Company Solvency

U. Alibrandi, C. Y. Ma and C. G. Koh Neena Panandikar (hede) and K. S. Babu Narayan Takayuki Shuku, Shin-ichi Nishimura and Toshifumi Shibata Hirbod Assa
15:00 268 679 701 878

Uncertainties in Effective Tension and Bending Moment of a Steel Catenary Riser under Random Wave Quantification of the Approximations Introduced by Assumptions on the Marginal Distribution of the Demand for Highway Bridge Fragility Analysis Probabilistic Dam Erosion Risk Evaluation Developments in robust and stochastic linear predictive control in the presence of uncertainty – Part I

C. Y. Ma, U. Alibrandi and C. G. Koh Aman Karamlou and Paolo Bocchini Chin Man W. Mok, Engsew Aw, Robert Wright and James Cooley Basil Kouvaritakis
15:15 393 833 796 878

Linear Dynamic Reliability Analysis of Profiled Blast Wall Structures Dealing with Uncertainties When Using Non Destructive Techniques for Assessing Construction Material Properties: Identification of Major Sources and Their Consequences Reliability-Based Geotechnical Design Code Development Developments in robust and stochastic linear predictive control in the presence of uncertainty – Part II

Mohammad H. Hedayati, Srinivas Sriramula and Richard D. Neilson D. Breysse, J. P. Balayssac and Z. M. Sbartai Gordon A. Fenton and Farzaneh Naghibi Basil Kouvaritakis
15:30 375 14 798 266

Latest Developments on the IEEE 1788 Effort for the Standardization of Interval Arithmetic Genesis and Perpetuation of Errors in Construction Infiltration Characteristics of Two Natural Unsaturated Slopeformed by One Layer Residual Soil On the Response of LTI Higher Order Differential-Algebraic Systems with Perturbed Coefficients

N. Revol and the IEEE P1788 Working Group Franz Knoll Mohamed Elbyhagi Elfadil P. Tzekis, E. Antoniou and A. Pantelous
15:45 250 79 839 497

Uncertainty Management in Feature-Based Geometric Modelling and Data Exchange A Risk-based Framework for Defense Products Overhaul Consideration on Major Uncertainty Sources in Geotechnical Design Robust Stabilization and Robust H∞ Control of Uncertain Linear Stochastic
Systems with Markovian Switching

Sonia Abdoli, Malika Boumedien-Zidani and Neil F. Stewart G. E. C. Barbosa and G. F. M. Souza Y. Honjo and Y. Otake Haochen Hua, Bujar Gashi
16:00 665 218 865 CANCELLED 562

Uncertainty Quantification in Power Spectrum Estimation of Stochastic Processes Subject to Missing Data Understanding the Conceptual Lineage and Limitations of Resilience in Contemporary Social Policy. Calculation of Subgrade Reaction Modulus Considering the Footing-Soil System Rigidity A Novel Mathematical Model For TLCD: Theoretical And Experimental Investigations

L. Comerford, I. A. Kougioumtzoglou and M. Beer S. Walklate, R. McGarry and G. Mythen Hany Farouk and Mohammed Farouk A. Di Matteo, F. Lo Iacono, G. Navarra and A. Pirrotta
16:15 Refreshments
16:30 697 579 866 CANCELLED 877

Inner and Outer Approximations of Probabilistic Sets Risk Analysis of Power Supply in San Juan, Surigao City, Philippines Due to Extreme Floods Effect of Foundation Embedment Depth on Contact Stress Distribution and Differential Settlement Uncertainty and Risk Aversion in Iterative Learning and Repetitive Control Theory and Applications – Part I

Luc Jaulin, Alexandru Stancu and Benoît Desrochers Lessandro Estelito O. Garciano, Ma. Renan T. Tanhueco, Takeshi Koike and Ikumasa Yoshida Hany Farouk and Mohammed Farouk Eric Rogers
16:45 168 804 227 877

Towards Efficient Ways of Estimating Failure Probability of Mechanical Structures Under Interval Uncertainty Risk Assessment Framework for Improved Internal Control Redundancy Matrix and Structural Robustness Uncertainty and Risk Aversion in Iterative Learning and Repetitive Control Theory and Applications – Part II

M. Beer, M. De Angelis and V. Kreinovich I. M. SriKamalaDevi M Marathamuthu, Saravanan Muthaiyah, Murali Raman and Samuel Jebaraj Benjamin Xinjian Kou, Jimian Song Eric Rogers
17:00 252 814 433 519

How to Compare Different Range Estimations: A Symmetry-Based Approach The Cumulative Claim Cost (C3) Index: A Tool for Managing the Book of Long-Tail Casualty Claims Reliability of Bridges under Seismic and Tsunami Hazards Generalised Risk-sensitive Control in Infinite Horizon

O. Kosheleva and V. Kreinovich Andrew D. Banasiewicz Mitsuyoshi Akiyama and Dan M. Frangopol Bujar Gashi and Moyu Zhang
17:15 117 849 72 526

Variable Structure Approaches for Temperature Control of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stacks Human Error - Case Studies Dynamic Reliability of Offshore Wind Turbine Tower Systems Risk-Sensitive Control for a Class of Nonlinear Square-Root Processes

Andreas Rauh, Luise Senkel and Harald Aschemann Franz Knoll J. B. Chen, W. L. Liu and J. Li Fan Fei and Bujar Gashi
17:30 118 881 261 886

Robust Sliding Mode Techniques for Control and State Estimation of Dynamic Systems with Bounded and Stochastic Uncertainty MECHANISM DESIGN FOR RISK ALLOCATION AND BENEFIT SHARING IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF COMPLEX SYSTEMS Numerical Design Concepts With Polymorphic Uncertainty Models Virtual Experiment vs Real Experiment High-Efficiency Drive for Vibration Control – Part I

Luise Senkel, Andreas Rauh and Harald Aschemann Oscar Nieto-Cerezo Marco Gotz, Wolfgang Graf and Michael Kaliske A. Pirrotta
17:45 287 777 523 886

A Flexible Environment for Accurate Simulation, Optimization, and Verification of SOFC Models Multivariate Factor Mapping for controlling model inputs to meet a safety objective: application to a flood risk model Numerical Predictions of Surface Settlements in Mechanized Tunneling: Hybrid POD and ANN Surrogate Modeling for Reliability Analyses Virtual Experiment vs Real Experiment High-Efficiency Drive for Vibration Control – Part II

Ekaterina Auer, Stefan Kiel, Thomas Pusch and Wolfram Luther Matieyendou LAMBONI S. Freitag, B. T. Cao and G. Meschke A. Pirrotta

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Scientific Programme: Wednesday

Time Track A Track B Track C Track D
09:00 Keynote Speaker: Keith Beven
09:30 Refreshments
09:45 29 24 70 185

Robust Simulation: Why and When Needed and What Should be Qualified Probabilistic Bridge Pier Scour Factors Probability Density Evolution Analysis of Complex Random-parameter Structures subjected to Ground Motions A Generalized Influence Measure For Fuzzy Uncertainty Analysis

C. E. Taylor, N. Uddin, W. Graf, F. Liu and Y.Lee Peggy Johnson, Paul Clopper and Lyle Zevenbergen J. B. Chen, J. Y. Yang and J. Li Nico-Philipp Walz and Michael Hanss
10:00 50 288 142 109

Application of S-PSA with using FEM to Seismic Retrofit of Existing Structures Projection of Future Changes in Storm Surge Risk in Japan using Regional Climate Model Output On Study of Nonlinear Network Dynamics of Flexibly Connected Multi-Module Very Large Floating Structures Some Thoughts on Permanent Risk in the Earthquake Engineering Context

T. Hara, T. Kato, M. Nonoyama and H. Yukimoto T. Yasuda, N. Katahira, N. Mori and H. Mase D. L. Xu, H. C. Zhang, C. Lu, E. R. Qi, J. J. Hu and Y. S. Wu G. K. Gabrichidze
10:15 68 451 143 172

Probabilistic Parameters in the MR Hyperbolic Tangent Damper Model Bayesian Model Calibration Using Structural Reliability Methods: Application to the Hydrological abc Model Complexity Analysis of 2010 Baja California Earthquake Based on Entropy Measurements Interval Limit Analysis of Structures with Uncertain but Non-probabilistic Applied Forces

S. C. Baxter and J. M. Caicedo W. Betz, C. M. Mok, I. Papaioannou and D. Straub Lei Min, Meng Guang and Nilanjan Sarkar S. Tangaramvong, F. Tin-Loi and W. Gao
10:30 80 560 160 210

Reliability-Based Optimization of Updated Dynamical Systems What Does Flood Risk Mean? Innovation in Risk Communications Analysis of a Cournot Duopoly Model Based on Uncertain Strategy Finite Element-Based Uncertainty Analysis of Deteriorated Structures by Perturbation Techniques

Hector A. Jensen and Camila Vergara Jacqui Cotton, Paula Orr, Clare Twigger Ross, Michael Steel, Steven Forrest and Katya Brooks Jiaorui Li and Jian Chang D. L. Allaix and V. I. Carbone
10:45 Refreshments
11:00 112 589 164 247

Reliability and Redundancy of Two-Girder Steel-Concrete Composite Bridges under Uncertainty Precariousness and Hazard of Lateral Earth Pressure Theory Stochastic Responses of Viscoelastic System with Real-Power Stiffness Under
Randomly Disordered Periodic Excitations
Hybrid Probabilistic and Non-Probabilistic Analysis of Structures with Mixed Uncertainties

Weiwei Lin, Teruhiko Yoda and Lam Heang P. Koudelka Wei Xu, Hongqi Zang and Di Liu C. Wang, W. Gao and S. Tangaramvong
11:15 136 764 166 309

Optimal Performance-Based Design of Non-Linear Stochastic Dynamical Systems Sensitivity of Tsunami Profile and Inundation Modeling Considering Stochastic Earthquake Slips Stochastic Responses of Duffing-Van Der Pol Vibro-Impact Oscillator with Colored Noise Incorporating Uncertainty in Ground Motion and Local Windspeed Calculations into Loss Estimation Calculations

André T. Beck, Ioannis A. Kougioumtzoglou and Ketson R. M. dos Santos K. Goda, T. Yasuda and N. Mori Wei Xu, Chao Li and Liang Wang Tristan Lloyd, Shane Latchman and Ioana Dima
11:30 242 32 197 58

Adaptive Implementation of Importance Sampling in Optimization under Uncertainty The Influence of Velocity on Vulnerability of Building Structure to Debris Flow The Influence of Oscillatory Correlation on the Zero Crossings of Gaussian Processes Buckling Analysis Under Uncertainty

Juan Camilo Medina and Alexandros A. Taflanidis Chih-Hao Hsu and Ting-Chi Tsao Lorna R. M. Wilson, Keith I. Hopcraft and Eric Jakeman Arthur Seibel and Josef Schlattmann
11:45 291 59 235 396

Subjective Probabilities to Integrate Uncertainties in Levee Performance Assessment Anatomy of Natural Hazard Analysis: Uncertainty Propagation and Visualization Energy Response Probability Density Function of a Rotating Parametric Pendulum Nonlinear Interval Finite Elements for Beams

M. Vuillet, L. Peyras, C. Carvajal, D. Serre and Y. Diab K. Goda, T. Wagener and W. P. Aspinall P. Alevras, D. Yurchenko and A. Naess Rafi L. Muhanna, Robert L. Mullen and M. V. Rama Rao
12:00 Lunch
13:00 340 120 256 362

Approximation Concepts For Fuzzy Structural Analysis The Development of a Simplified Model for Urban Flood Risk Mitigation in Developing Countries Time-dependent Uncertainty Analysis of Structures Based on Copula Functions Static Analysis of Timoshenko Beams with Interval Young’s Modulus

M. A. Valdebenito, H. A. Jensen, M. Beer and C. A. Perez U. C. Nkwunonwo, M. Whitworth, B. Baily and R. Inkpen Y. F. Liu, X. P. Fan and D. G. Lu A. Sofi, G. Muscolino and I. Elishakoff
13:15 363 310 269 217

Optimization of Urban Spatial Development Against Multiple Sustainability Objectives and Climate Risks An Investigation into Aggregate vs. Occurrence Losses for European Extra-Tropical Cyclones High-Dimensional Chaotic Dynamics in Cutting Systems with Time-Delay Effects Uncertainty in the Swedish Operational Hydrological Forecasting Systems

D. Caparros-Midwood, S. Barr and R. Dawson S. Latchman, S. Higgs and B. Evans Xianbo Liu, Min Lei, Xinhua Long, Hongguang Li and Guang Meng I.G. Pechlivanidis, T. Bosshard, H. Spångmyr, G. Lindström, D. Gustafsson and B. Arheimer
13:30 368 326 720 323

A Novel Approach to Efficient Risk-Based Optimization Preliminary Structural Performance Assessment of Recycled Materials for Disaster Reconstruction Low-Pass Filer-Based Control of Chaos by Bounded Damping Feedback Rethinking Concepts of Information Content of Hydrological Data to Account for Epistemic Errors

Wellison J. S. Gomes and André T. Beck Matija Radovic,Terri R. Norton and Meagan Kurmel Lin Du and Yan Zhang K. J. Beven and P. J. Smith
13:45 385 329 737 401

Robust Risk-Based Optimisation Detecting Shift Moments in Construction Activity to Estimate Disaster Recovery An Weighted Dual Criterion for the Problem of Equivalent Replacement Mathematics, Metaphors and the Management of Vulnerability and Risk

Stuart G. Reid Henry D. Lester, Marcus B. Perry and Gary P. Moynihan N. D. Anh, N. N. Linh and N. Q. Hai Yakov Ben-Haim
14:00 398 - CANCELLED 379 781 520

Binary Damage Classification in SHM Using Possibility Distributions Challenges in Assessing the Seismic Preparedness of the State of New Mexico USA A Wiener Path Integral Technique for Non-Stationary Response Determination of Nonlinear Oscillators with Fractional Derivative Elements The Impact of Scale on Probabilistic Flood Inundation Maps Using a 2D Hydraulic Model with Uncertain Boundary Conditions

Jung. J. Kim, Mahmoud M. Reda Taha and Timothy J. Ross Claudia Mara Dias Wilson, Alexander Brewster, Richard Benda, Glenn Gavi, Colton Lake, Kelsey McCaslin, Olufunsho Ogungbade, Amanda Thom and Elyce Yates A. Di Matteo, M. Di Paola, I. A. Kougioumtzoglou, A. Pirrotta and P. D. Spanos James Savage, Paul Bates, Jim Freer, Jeffrey Neal and Giuseppe Aronica
14:15 406
791 558

Optimum Reliability Levels for Structures
Stochastic Resonance of an Under Damped Linear System Driven by Trichotomous Noise Sensitivity Analysis of Environmental Models: A Systematic Review with Practical Workflow

M. Holický
Li Zheng and Jiaorui Li F. Pianosi, T. Wagener, J. Rougier, J. Freer and J. Hall
14:30 Refreshments
14:45 494 19 792 134

Cost-Optimization of Concrete Slabs Exposed to Natural Fires, Taking into Account Post-Fire Behavior Equipment Replacement Under Event- and Consequence-Uncertainty: An Info-Gap Approach Error Estimation of Erase Variables in Multi-index Variables Stochastic Response Surfaces, Interval Analysis, and the Reliability of Structures

R. Van Coile, R. Caspeele and L. Taerwe Yakov Ben-Haim Zuoren Wang and Qian Shi M. Oberguggenberger
15:00 556 31 808 376

Robust Design Optimization of Structural Systems Under Evolutionary Stochastic Seismic Excitation Robust Decision Analysis for Environmental Management of Groundwater Contamination Sites Solutions to Stochastic Dynamical Systems with Fractional Derivative Damping Training Generalized Hidden Markov ModelWith Interval Probability Parameters

Ioannis P. Mitseas, Ioannis A. Kougioumtzoglou, Michael Beer, Edoardo Patelli and John E. Mottershead Velimir V. Vesselinov, Daniel O’Malley and Danny Katzman Wei Li, Jun F. Zhao, Natasa Trisovic and Ying Zhang Yan Wang
15:15 632 253 77 382

Active Stabilization of a Slender Beam-Column under Static Axial Loading and Estimated Uncertainty in Actuator Properties Modelling Alternation of Dry and Wet Spells Using the Langevin Equation First-passage Reliability Evaluation Based on the Probability Density Evolution of Stochastic Processes Reliability Analysis with Ill-Known Probabilities and Dependencies

R. Platz, G. C. Enss, S. Ondoua and T. Melz Erfaneh Sharifi, Koichi Unami and Masayuki Fujihara J. B. Chen, P. H. Lin and J. Li S. Destercke, M. Poss and M. Sallak
15:30 827 415 131 633

Robust Analysis of Current Reliability-Based Design Method of RC Columns with Tension Failure under Random Eccentricity Flood-Prone Areas Assessment Using Linear Binary Classifiers based on Morphological Indices Reliability Analysis Using Field Data Findings with Undefined Failure Mode – An Analysis Not Necessarily Conservative Estimation of the Lower and Upper Probabilities of Failure Using Random Sets and Subset Simulation

Youbao Jiang, Qiang Liao and Yihua He Salvatore Manfreda, Caterina Samela, Aurelia Sole and Mauro Fiorentino Raphael C. F. De Melo and Gilberto F. M. De Souza Diego A. Alvarez, Jorge E. Hurtado and Felipe Uribe
15:45 76 522 158 870

Risk Consistent Design Approach for Designing Innovative Hazards Resistant Structures Emergency Management of Drinking Water Infrastructures Based on a Bayesian Decision Support System Stochastic Nonlinear Analysis for Seismic Performance of Buried Pipeline Systems Line Sampling for Assessing Structural Reliability with Imprecise Failure Probabilities

Mohammed A. Mousa, Li Dong and Nasim Uddin A. Pagano, R. Giordano, I. Portoghese, M. Vurro and U. Fratino W. Liu, Q. W. Sun and J. Li M. de Angelis, E. Patelli and M. Beer
16:00 867 – CANCELLED 315 180 411

AN WEIGHTED DUAL CRITERION FOR THE PROBLEM OF EQUIVALENT REPLACEMENT USING ROBUST DECISIONMAKING IN THE DESIGN OF WATER PRICING POLICIES FOR RESERVOIR RELEASES A Random Function Model of Ground Motion and PDEM-Based Seismic Reliability Analysis of Nonlinear Structures Computing with Confidence: Imprecise Posteriors and Predictive Distributions

ninh quang hai Niels Riegels Zhangjun Liu, Linqiang Wu and Bo Zeng Scott Ferson, Jason O'Rawe and Michael Balch
16:15 Refreshments
290 200

Climate Decision-Making as a Recursive Process Provident Damper Control for Reliability Enhancement of Randomly Excited Structures

David Leedal, Andrew Jarvis and Lawrence Jackson Y. B. Peng, Z. Mei and J. Li
417 431

50-Year Resilience Master Plans for Coastal Communities Reliabilities of Steel Structural Systems Designed by Inelastic Analysis

Jay Raskin and Yumei Wang Hao Zhang, Bruce R. Ellingwood and Kim J. R. Rasmussen
508 876


O. Špa ková, A. Rimböck and D. Straub David Opeyemi
703 149

Flood Risk Management Decision Analysis with Finite Historical Records and Highly Variable Climate Effects Method of Critical Stochastic Inputs for Extreme Uncertainty Problems: Theory and Applications

Balqis M. Rehan and Jim W. Hall Konstantin Ashkinadze
873 690

Social Vulnerability, Risk and Resiliency Failure Probability Assessment of Structures Considering Post-Instability Behavior

Susan Durden J. Xu and J. Li
17:45 Closing Ceremony

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